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Online Radio Services

Start your own Internet radio station today.

Amisun offers an affordable and complete online radio management and streaming solution.

We are motivated by our goal to provide a Reliable SHOUTcast&IcaCast Solution at an affordable price. You can start your own station fairly easily using your computer Your listeners can tune in through any media player available online. We offer radio hosting plans with instant automatic account activation.

A complete offering for internet radio professionals

  • Use your equipment on live shows, let Radiojar take over when you are offline
  • Automate your station with cloud library, schedules, pilots and breaks
  • Remote station management, admin users and hosts management
  • Relay options for live shows or schedule prerecorded content
  • Distributed infrastructure, ultra-scalable, no single points of failure

What is radio?

So, although you might think of a radio as being an electronic gadget, the word has many meanings and definitions. For example, the verb (“to radio someone”) means to send energy with waves from one place to another without the need for wires, whether it’s from one room to the next or country to country. A piece of equipment called a “transmitter” sends out the radio signals, which are picked up by a “receiver”. This is why the 1930’s and 40’s term “wireless” was used for household radios, as the concept was relatively new.
Radio still has a lot of uses, despite the mid-2000’s rise of mp3 players and iPods, and more recently that of YouTube, and streaming services like Spotify. In fact, many people simply didn’t want to deal with new technology and stuck to their old ways, particularly older generations. Some people also preferred the radio because it constantly introduced them to new songs and artists that they wouldn’t necessarily hear with mp3 players.
Radio is still important in both more-developed and less-developed countries. In many developing countries such as Thailand and Nicaragua, it’s used as an educational tool for teaching topics such as nutrition and health education. In South Africa, there are more than 150 independent radio stations, whereas 30 years ago there were only 10 on the entire continent of Africa.

What is webradio?

Web radio, or more commonly referred to as internet radio, is a technology that continuously transmits audio over the internet to your computer. It’s a technique of broadcasting audio using data transmission that is very similar to terrestrial radio, and it’s used by 57 million people every week.
Internet radio broadcasters use “streaming” to transmit their stations over the internet to their users. Listening to audio streams means that you don’t have to download every song and store it on your computer. Instead, your computer downloads small portions of data (usually in the MP3 or AAC formats) in a continuous stream, usually a little faster than you listen to it, and discards the portions once you’ve gone past these parts of the stream. This means that you never have a fully-downloaded file on your computer. Any radio shows that you do have to download are known as podcasts.
The most obvious benefit of using internet radio is access to thousands of radio stations that you wouldn’t normally be able to listen to due to your location. Another advantage is having an almost unlimited supply of music and live shows that you can listen to in real time.

Financing of radio stations

Public broadcasting

Public broadcasting is when a radio or TV station draws its funding from either the public, the government, or both, with the objective of public service rather than financial gain. To make it easier to explain, let’s use the BBC as an example. Listening to a BBC radio station doesn’t require any form of payment, however if you watch live BBC TV, you have to pay a license fee every year. This money is like a tax that the British government uses to help fund the entire BBC, and so when you watch or listen to their stations, you won’t see or hear any advertisements.

Commercial broadcasting

Commercial broadcasting is when a radio or TV station is owned by a company or corporation, with the goal of financial gain, and exists without government funding. Instead, they rely on the common practice of advertising the products of other companies, which these companies pay the stations to do.

In America, commercial broadcasting has been the norm since the beginning of radio, whereas Europe began mostly with public broadcasting, and has since moved further towards commercial.

HD live shows from your pc

  • No studio, no problem. Radiojar comes with a web based virtual studio
  • Plug in your microphone and you can go on­air from anywhere
  • No dead ­air if internet is down. Radiojar automation saves the day and your show continues until you are back on
  • Perfect solution for areas with bad internet connections
  • Live show collaboration is enabled, your co-hosts can connect with you

Digital audio partner for FM/AM and Media groups

  • Multiple station management and user roles, aggregated reports and analytics
  • Multiple stream outputs in alternate encodings through online transcoders
  • Listener management, control who listens what, protect your streams
  • Out of the box integration with popular audio Ad-Providers including DFP for publishers
  • Seamless integration with existing HW transcoders and station web sites

What's Included?

A fully comprehensive control panel. Give your listeners the option to request a song, track who is listening to your radio station with google maps, display what's playing live, and display your radio station's recent tracks and album art.!

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